MyDNA Medication

Did you know?  Around 70% of Australians are unable to process common prescription medications properly – leaving them exposed to dangerous side effects or treatment failure.

Genetic differences mean everyone processes medications differently, and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for the next, even if it’s a treatment for the same condition. It’s the same science behind why we like different tastes, scents and colours – no one is the same as the next person, and that also applies to medications.

Available without appointment at Jetty Village Pharmacy, a myDNA test is quick and painless test performed by trained pharmacists Laura and PJ.

The result of a myDNA medication test provides you and your healthcare professional with information about your DNA that can help them tailor medication to suit you – personal information that has not been available before now. A precise prescription reduces the risk of harmful side effects, and it’ll save you wasting time and money on medications that don’t work.

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MyDNA Wellness & Nutrition

Tired of diets that don’t work?

Exercising but not seeing results?

Want to know what works best for your body?

Some diets work for some but not others, and everyone responds to exercise in different ways. So how do we work out what will work for us—without wasting our time on trial and error?

The secret to feeling good in your jeans is in your genes.

A simple genetic test at Jetty Village Pharmacy can show you how to start eating and exercising in the right way for your DNA.

Doing a myDNA test gives you a Personalised Diet Report with:

  • Genetic information about your fat storage and breakdown, weight and appetite plus risk of high triglyceride levels
  • Your Food Guide based on the type of diet you should be eating to suit your genes. This details the number of servings of carbs, proteins and fats you should eat each day.
  • Your Exercise Plan recommending low, moderate or high intensity exercise that is best suited to your DNA. Details how many times a week you should be exercising, what kinds of activities you should be doing, and for how long.


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