First aid and wound management!

At Jetty Village Pharmacy, our pharmacists are trained in First Aid and Wound Management and are able to clean and dress your wound and advise you on after wound care all in our private consulting room.

Effective wound care treatment requires an understanding of the process of healing and knowledge of suitable dressing selection. It can be very confusing choosing the correct dressing as they come in all shapes, materials and sizes, all with different properties and purposes. We are here to help and we believe the right early intervention can assist in speeding up the wound healing process and prevent additional conditions such as ulcers and skin irritations.

We look after you!

Have you got a First Aid Kit at home and work? Do you need your First Aid Kit to be ready for accreditation? We provide new, individualised First Aid Kits and supply stock replenishment for existing kits. Just drop it in and leave the rest to us!

Enquire About Wound Care and First Aid Kits